It's all Greek to me!

So far God has helped me to reach this point. In a couple of days I will be starting classes. My first quarter at the "Sem" will be full of weird letters, strange grammatical constructions, lots of declensions and verb conjugations. You have probably guessed that I'm referring to Greek! At Concordia University, Nebraska, I had the privilege of taking Greek classes with Professor Charles Blanco. Thanks to that, today I'm better prepared to face a Greek class at the Seminary. The good thing about having taken some Greek is that I will not be shaking during the first weeks of class as I predict my classmates will do. Let's be honest. Greek is not an easy language at all. The sentence "It's all Greek to me!" makes even more sense when you are in a Greek class trying to decrypt those new strange words that are coming out of the professor's mouth... Nonetheless, Greek is the language God chose to proclaim His message of forgiveness and salvation! Greek is the language of the New Testament. It will be a privilege to continue to learn such a noble language!

Here's an interesting quotation from Martin H. Franzmann regarding learning the biblical languages.

"To be able, with a little effort, to move one step closer to the Good Shepherd, and not take that step?  To be able, with a little effort, to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd more distinctly and more fully, and not make the effort?  That is nonsense; and for one who is to be a shepherd of the flock of God, to feed the sheep of Christ—for a man with that privilege and that responsibility not to take the trouble to hear the Chief Shepherd in His own tongue—what shall we call it but ingratitude to the God who has given us both the languages and the means of mastering them?  The languages are not a burden; they are a gift and a privilege.Martin H. Franzmann, Toward a More Excellent Ministry (St. Louis: CPH, 1964) 85.

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