Meet the Kids

Maria was born in Sant Sadurni (Barcelona), in June 2nd 2003.
She is her mom's right hand and dad's little princess. She is very caring and loving to her brothers. She likes to draw, to sing and to play flute -at what she is very talented. She is also a great cook! She is in 5th grade this year and already has a lot of new friends at Concordia Lutheran School.


Santi Jr. was born in Sant Sadurni d'Anoia (Barcelona), in August 29th 2004. He is a brilliant student with a clear inclination to sciences and math. Santi is an avid reader and a great soccer player. Some days ago we celebrated his 9th birthday. His former teacher at Lincoln Lutheran School wrote some lines about him:

When I think of Santi, I think of a little boy with a very
big and strong Christian faith. (He was so excited when
I gave him a Spanish Bible.) Santi also l-o-v-e-s soccer and
any kind of art with any kind of medium. Santi always tried
to do his best in his work and encouraged his many friends
to do their best also. 
Thank you Mrs. Lorenzen for your beautiful words.

Salva was born in Sant Pere de Riudebitlles (Barcelona), in September 2006. When we arrived in the United States almost three years ago, he was only four. By now he speaks better English than any of us in the family. Nancy and Lyle often call him 'the little Nebraskan' for his Midwest accent. Salva is vital and always joyful. Salva has a great heart and is always ready for a hug. Salva also has a special talent for funny stories and narratives. The other day, after a consistent meal, I asked him 'Salva, what are you going to do with all that food in your tummy?' (he had seconds and thirds...) 'Well, either puke it or poop it', he said in a very serious manner 'many people do that, mom!'

"Salva is one who meets the world around him with a twinkle in his eye and is not afraid to challenge the limits put on him." From Ms. Naber, Salva's former 1st grade teacher at Trinity Lutheran, Lincoln, NE.

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