My New Field Work Congregation!!

The Field Work assignment is a mandatory opportunity for the Seminarian to grow in experience as a church worker. This morning I was assigned my Field Work congregation.

And the winner is.... (drums)...  
Emanuel Lutheran Church, New Haven, IN

Today was an important day to my family and I. The Field Work assignment will shape our lives as worshipers, and particularly for me, it will be a great tool to grow in experience as a church worker.

This morning, I met Pastor Shoemaker, one of the three Pastors there at Emanuel. He kindly welcomed me and gave me all the details about the congregation. Emanuel is a congregation where the Preaching and Teaching of God's Holy Word is its dedication. Also, they have several ministries such as the Christian education given by Central Lutheran School (K-8); local and international mission outreach, and many other opportunities to serve. (for more information, please visit their website at http://www.emanuelnh.org). Some activities at Emanuel are adult choir, handbells, the Ladies Society, LWML, LWR Quilters, Bible studies, food bank, quilting circle, among other opportunities to serve and to spiritually grow.
Looks like Emanuel will be a great fit for my family and I!! We are looking forward to go and meet our brothers and sisters there and worship with them next Sunday as well as serve them for the following years!!

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  1. Hello to the entire family and welcome to our family at Emanuel! We look forward to getting to know you, your wife and the children. On behalf of the Board of Elders I can say we are truly happy you will be working and learning in this part of God's vineyard. Jim Brockmann