To Whom it May Concern

Time ago Nancy was in Europe, trying to arrange some concerts for the A Capella choir. For some reason some people was not responding to her missionary work in the area. She then, had an idea. She asked me to write a letter in which I would share how A Capella had influenced my life. I thought I would share that letter with you too.

 Lincoln, Nebraska, March 2012

To whom it may concern,

    My name is Alexandra Rojas and I am married to Santiago Keinbaum. We have three children, Maria, Santiago and Salvador. We are former members of the Lutheran Church of Spain.
    In 2006 Nancy Middendorf contacted my husband in order to get some help organizing a concert for the A Cappella Choir. She was traveling her husband Lyle and young daughter Ann. After the meeting, my husband was given a a CD with the recordings of A Cappella Choir.  He immediately understood their significance and excellence in music. Both Nancy and my husband started working in the preparation of the concerts, and in 2008 I personally got to know her.

    Now, I have to be completely honest and say that I have never liked choral music. For me it has always been synonymous of antique, obsolete, and above all, boring. I have to be honest and say that I have never listened the CDs Mrs. Middendorf gave to my husband. While my husband was absolutely exited I was simply indifferent. The date of the concert was getting closer and many arrangements had to be done. My husband worked hard with the authorities of our town so that the choir would be received by the Major the day of the concert. Also the local choir prepared a repertoire to sing together with the A Cappella Choir. As for me, I translated the songs into Catalan (the language of Catalonia) and also to Spanish. I was not as excited as my husband, though. But was about to change.

    The date finally arrived. A hot sunny day, July 4th 2009. All preparations had been done well and all the meetings took place as planned. The concert took place at 7:00pm. The auditorium was plenty of people.  The Major and many other authorities were sitting in the first row, altogether with a famous artist and the local choir. I had not idea what was going to happen in the next hours, but that concert changed my life forever.

    The audience was happily chatting and without any preamble the members of the choir played their trumpets and other instruments and the audience remained in silence understanding that this was not “another” concert more.

    My husband and I were sitting also in the first row and that was the first time that I heard those angelic voices singing. What I felt is beyond any possible explanation but I will try to explain.

    I had been baptized the previous year, 2008, into the Christian faith. Even though I had been raised as a Jehovah Witness, now, as a Lutheran, I fully understood that God was not only the ultimate judge to whom we have to fear, but also a loving Father. And yet, even though I understood, I could not “feel” it. The Law was stronger than the Gospel. When the choir started to sing, I fully felt the love of God which is beyond any intellectual understanding. They sang hymns and praises to the Lord and the whole audience (who were mainly Catholic) was being moved in their insight.

    At the end of every son the whole auditorium stood clapping and clapping. I could not believe that those people who were taught not to show their feelings in public, were so deeply impressed to the point of showing their excitement and admiration.

    This concert changed the life of my family forever. We are now living in the United States where my husband is being prepared to become a Lutheran pastor; and I myself, Lord willing, one day I will become a deaconess. Our aim is to come back to Spain where so many people need to listen the Gospel.

    But that concert changed many other things in our town. There are not many Lutherans in Spain and people use to think that we are a kind of cult or sect because they have forgotten the history of the Reformation and the Holy Inquisition. After the concert many people approached my husband and me showing respect for our faith and acknowledging that Lutherans are something else rather than a cult. The authorities asked us when something similar to that concert could take place and they regretted so much for not having planned two or more concerts. The following days many local new papers and broadcast stations talked about “the event”.

    I feel profoundly proud of having been able to participate of such an amazing experience. I would like to express that the A Cappella Choir has something vital. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, A Cappella Choir has the ability to moving and transforming people. They have God by their side. This is a personal observation, but when I listened to them I felt that God was truly using those young girls and boys to reach a population that would have never listened to the message of the Gospel otherwise. Proof of that is that usually only three families attended to the services held in our town, but the day after the concert lots of people attended the service; and they even wanted to participate in the Holy Supper!

    I do not really know who is this letter going to reach, but please do not overlook this wonderful opportunity for you, your church and your community. God is addressing us through the voices of the members of the A Cappella Choir. Please listen to Him.

    Now, the peace of the Lord be with you always.


Alexandra Keinbaum.

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