Blessed 165th Anniversary St. James!!

Founded in the Spring of 1848, St. James Lutheran in Logansport, IN, is one of the oldest LC-MS congregation and is now celebrating their 165th anniversary. Today we went there to worship God and to celebrate this special "birthday" with our brothers and sisters of St. James.

President Rast, from Concordia Theological Seminary, was the guest preacher. In his sermon he talked about the historical foundation of St. James, namely Jesus Christ, the "one who was, who is and will be for ever." The one who was with the founding fathers of St. James, the one who continue to be with the saints at St. James today, and the one who will be among those to come.

Our brothers and sisters at St. James received us in a very warmly and encouraging way; undoubtedly they are God's tools reflecting His love! They did not only receive us with kind words but also with "delicious"  deeds! They offered us a copious and delicious meal that we've really enjoyed!! The "birthday" cake, which is the first picture of this post, was made by a member who really is an artisan, isn't she???

During the lunch we felt like at home. As Alex well said: "Sharing the meal with them (the congregation) is like having a big meal with our family."

I thank the LORD, Pastor Dehning and to the Saints at St. James for supporting us with their words of encouragement, prayers and financially through the Concordia Theological Seminary Student Adoption Program.

The Lord was with you, is with you, and will be with you in the years to come!

Blessed 165th birthday St. James!

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