'His Chair' by Jane Schnake Published in Pastor360 Inspirational Stories

"Pastor360 Inspirational stories" has been recently released. In it, Jane Schnake writes "His Chair," a thrilling and touching testimony of faith. Jane naturally catches the reader's attention and made him/her immerse in her surprising story. Jane's narrative will impact anyone who reads it and it is a wonderful spiritual vitamin for the soul. The book is available for purchase at Christ Lutheran Church in Lincoln, NE. For further information please click here.

The Keinbaum family thanks to all who buy he book as well as thanks Jane for supporting our missionary journey with the proceeds of the book. We very much appreciate and thank Jane's effort, care, and love that she put in that book!

"I thank my God...  because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now." Philippians 1:3-5

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God Provides! Again and Again...

Some weeks ago I applied for a CTS special grant scholarship. I recently stopped by the financial office to find out when I would receive and answer regarding receiving or not a portion of that grant. One of the persons in the financial office asked me: "Do you have any urgency?" I said: "No, I don't..." That same night my car broke! After going to the mechanic I was worried because I was not able to afford the cost of the repair. Next morning, I went to the financial office again and talked to the same person that the day before asked me: "Do you have any urgency?" and I told her what my urgency was, that is to repair the broken car. Amazingly, some hours later I was granted the necessary funds from a donor to cover the repair of the car!

God's provision goes beyond anything one may see with their eyes. So do not attempt to see or assess what God is doing or providing, instead let us not see but walk in faith trusting that our Father (that happens to be the creator of the universe, world and everything in it!) is guiding the way and gives us what we truly need. If he will give us the precious gift of eternal life, do you think He will abandon us in your needs? No, by no means! He won't.

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19

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1st Quarter Done: It's NOT all Greek to me!

Amazing, educational growing and intense edifying experience is how I define my first quarter at CTS. I definitely studied and learned Greek. I had class in the morning everyday, tutoring classes following, study sessions with classmates, and without them, long nights pounding concepts and vocabulary words into my head. But these things were not a punishment to me, rather it was the building of a strong Greek foundation that will help me to go through other classes as well as gain a better exegesis of the New Testament texts.

The class was led by Dr. Nordling (click here to see his bio) who has not only taught us just Greek but gave us many edifying comments concerning some NT passages, the situation of the non-Christian people, and our role as future pastors, among many other important topics. Even though Dr. Nordling is a serious person, he also enjoys good humor. Everyday we started the class by singing two songs (in Greek, of course) and watched a cartoon slide (not video). Those two things prepared us for what was following, the Greek class itself. As a way to give thanks to Dr. Nordling I made a cartoon slide for him. Here it is:

Of course, I am not a cartoonist but I did the best I could.
The 1st. quarter is over, but Greek is not over. I will be using Greek during my seminary training. Also, Lord willing, I would like to take Advanced Greek as one of my two electives classes.


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