1st Quarter Done: It's NOT all Greek to me!

Amazing, educational growing and intense edifying experience is how I define my first quarter at CTS. I definitely studied and learned Greek. I had class in the morning everyday, tutoring classes following, study sessions with classmates, and without them, long nights pounding concepts and vocabulary words into my head. But these things were not a punishment to me, rather it was the building of a strong Greek foundation that will help me to go through other classes as well as gain a better exegesis of the New Testament texts.

The class was led by Dr. Nordling (click here to see his bio) who has not only taught us just Greek but gave us many edifying comments concerning some NT passages, the situation of the non-Christian people, and our role as future pastors, among many other important topics. Even though Dr. Nordling is a serious person, he also enjoys good humor. Everyday we started the class by singing two songs (in Greek, of course) and watched a cartoon slide (not video). Those two things prepared us for what was following, the Greek class itself. As a way to give thanks to Dr. Nordling I made a cartoon slide for him. Here it is:

Of course, I am not a cartoonist but I did the best I could.
The 1st. quarter is over, but Greek is not over. I will be using Greek during my seminary training. Also, Lord willing, I would like to take Advanced Greek as one of my two electives classes.


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