Scoliosis and God's provision

We wanted to share something that is important to us as a family. Missionary work does not please everybody. There is one individual in particular who does all he cans to disturb missionaries from their work in spreading the Gospel to all nations. Certainly we are not fighting a war against flesh and blood, but a fight against spiritual forces that are contrary to God's design. We believe that some specific situations, such as lack of good health of a family member, are strong enough to distract us from our work. We believe that God is more powerful than any other spiritual force and that there is nothing impossible for him.

 Last summer our daughter Maria was diagnosed with a severe case of scoliosis. Scoliosis is a medical condition in which a person's spine is curved from side to side. Maria's scoliosis is an "S" shaped type. Scoliosis has several side effects apart from intense pain. Her medical condition has been of great concern for the whole family. There is currently not much preventive treatment for scoliosis and physicians often wait until surgery is the only alternative. However, and thanks to God, we have found one of the only two clinics that offer preventive treatment in the States right here, in New Haven, only twenty minutes away from home. Treatment is not cheap, though. What we wanted to share with you today is not a sad situation, but on the contrary, a great joyful and happy circumstance. It has been thanks to the generosity of you, dear sisters and brothers, that our dear little daughter has been able to start her preventive treatment at Spinal Healthcare in New Haven, Indiana.

Her treatment consists of intense two-hour sessions three times a week of exercises in which her spine is forced to recover a straight line. Even though she ends up very tired and sore, she understands the benefits of the treatment. We are thankful to Dr. Susan Bosler who puts every effort and expertise in curing our dear Maria. Again, thank you dear sisters and brothers for your generosity. Jane Schnake book's benefits has been one of the main sources to cover this expense. And we have to thank her, for her talent in writing, for her willingness to support us, and to all of you for understanding that we all work together as the body of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you because we can keep on working for the Lord reassured in His love and protection. To Him be the Glory.

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