Back in Town

Today we had the privilege to worship with our brothers and sisters at St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church in Logansport, Indiana.  It has been our second visit to our adoption church and Santi was able to do the readings of the Old Testament and the Epistle. We enjoy so much being at St James. Did you know that this is a centenary church? It was first organized Dec. 31st, 1848!! Today, one of the ladies told us that she had been attending St. James all her life: "This is home," she said. And we have to say that we too, feel at home when we visit.

We had the chance to talk for a few minutes to Pastor Dehning and he reminded us to keep our blog updated. It is so very true that we have neglected our blog for too long. I (Alex) am determined to tell you all about our summer and plans for the early future.

Thank Pastor Dehning and all the saints at  St.James for a warm welcome at  your beautiful church!

BTW: Did you know that Pastor Dehning is Principal Dehning's brother? Yes! Principal Dehning was our children's principal at Trinity Lutheran School when we lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is a small world full of friends and partners in Christ!

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