Classes, classes, classes

At the Seminary, at IPFW, and at Concordia Lutheran School

This is a family of students, you already know that. I wanted to give you an update on our progress with our classes. First and foremost I wanted to let you know that by the Grace of God and the patience of Rev. Pulse, Santi has passed his two semesters of Hebrew!!! To God be the Glory! He admits that Hebrew was a hard bone. He had loved and enjoyed Greek so much that there seemed not to be space in his heart for any other language. The rest of his classes went really well, he enjoyed Homiletics I and Gospels II, and Greek readings. In June Santi also took a summer class, Dogmatics II. All in all, he is making great progress at the Seminary, enjoying his classes and his professors. We have had the chance to get to know some of them better and we give thanks to God for their friendship.

Can you guess what is this? Santi has assured me that these are the first five verses of the Bible! But beware, they have to be read from right to left!

As for our dear little ones, we are so very proud of them and extremely happy. Maria is about to start 6th grade, Santi will start 5th grade, and Salva is ready to get into pre-K this year.... I mean he is ready to get into 3rd grade :)  (Salva is our eternal baby, you know). We can healthily brag about Maria and Santi being in the Honors list this year. Concordia Lutheran School organizes a beautiful breakfast for the honor students and their families in which the teachers cook for them all. What a beautiful example of service! We were also very shocked and proud of our children when we came home with an Award for Educational Achievement signed by the President of the United States! Way to go kiddos!

As for me (Alex), I finished my spring semester at IPFW. This was an intense semester but I enjoyed it so very much. I took History of English Language, two Linguistics classes, and a Spanish Literature class (I was good in this one :)). One week after the spring semester ended, I started my summer classes. I took English Literature, a course in Christianity, and Ancient and Medieval History. These were the most intense 6 weeks ever! But everything went well. Lord willing I will be able to graduate in December with a BA in English with a concentration in language. To God be the Glory.

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