July 6th, part I, Pilger, Nebraska

It has been a very intense summer quarter for all of us but, as everything else, it came to an end and with it, the beginning of our vacation. Summer is not summer without sunshine, and vacation is not vacation without Nancy Middendorf. We could not wait for it, but finally she arrived in Fort Wayne and took us all to Lincoln, Nebraska.

At this point I surely should mention that my dear little brother Carlos joined us in our trip to Nebraska. Yes! Carlos arrived in June from Barcelona with the goal of learning English. However, it is not easy to pick up English in a Spanish-speaking home. Carlos drove to Lincoln in Nancy's car so that he could be exposed to English during the long trip. Well, all I know is that two days after meeting Nancy, Carlos was speaking English for the first time.

We enjoyed very much our stay in Lincoln. We got to see a lot of good friends and we also visited beautiful places.I wanted to pause and tell you about one very special day: July 6th.On that day we visited the town of Pilger, Nebraska. June 16th 3/4 of the town of Pilger were completely wiped out by twin tornadoes. July 6th we were blessed to worship with our sisters and brothers under a tent at the parking lot of St. John's Pilger. After the service, we had the opportunity to talk to Rev. Terry Makelin and his lovely wife. I want to share with you their concerns and prayer request so that you too, can join us in prayer.

Rev. Makelin was concerned because he had not have the chance yet to communicate with all the member of his Church. He is in need of a pick-up van and asks for prayers so that he would have time to talk with his wife about all that has happened to them. After more than two weeks they had only had three hours to themselves!

Here are some pictures that Carlos took during our visit to Pilger.

The bell at St. John's was all that survived the twin tornadoes.

Ryan Soderlin / The World Herald
The twin tornadoes took the life of two people and destroyed the town almost completely. God is in Pilger now by the side of those who need Him; He was in Pilger the day we worshiped Him in July; He was there during the tornadoes. Horrible things happen in this world, but we have the certainty that God does never leave us alone.

"And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20

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