Mission Trip to Chicago

A few weeks ago, in early December, we all went to Chicago on a mission trip for the weekend. We visited Saint John Lutheran Church in Wheaton, IL. We had a most wonderful time with Pastor Bruzek and his wife Kirby and all the saints there. We had the honor to attend one of the services and enjoy amazing choral music, the smell of the incense in the altar, the procession of the Cross and a wonderful sermon.

Later, during Bible Study time, we were invited, altogether with Dr. Just, to speak to the congregation about the mission in Spain. What a joy it is for us to share our experiences and the needs of those who seek the Lord and His mercy in our country!

We could not spend much time with our sisters and brothers at Saint John, for right after Bible Study, Santi was giving the sermon at Trinity Lutheran Church in West Chicago. What a joy! What a privilege! This wonderful neighborhood Church offers services in Spanish for those neighbors who have Spanish as their "heart language"! Pastor Gaede, in perfect Spanish, is able to bring the Gospel to his dear sheep in their own language. I cannot start to tell you how much this impressed Santi and me.

This service was especially touching because it was the second sermon that Santi was offering and the first one that I had the opportunity to attend to. The first one was a funeral ceremony for a Hispanic family who had lost their grandfather. It was a real privilege for Santi to assist this family in their grief in their heart language. You can imagine how important it is to listen to the Word of God in your own language... Martin Luther knew how important this was when he translated the Bible into a language that common people could understand.

After the service the saints at Trinity had a wonderful meal ready for us to enjoy. This included, but was not limited to, Spanish rice, hash browns, delicious fresh fruit, and homemade dinner rolls with butter! We want to thank again all the saints at Trinity Lutheran Church, especially Pastor Gaede and his lovely wife Val, for their hospitality and kindness.

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