Holy, holy, holy

Following the last post, I (Alex) wanted to share with you another project for my HEL class. This one is an etymology project in which we had to trace one word back to its origins. I chose the word 'Holy'. Here is the beginning:


The word Holy should immediately evoke in our minds the image of the only One who is worthy of this title, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. 

The word holy is rendered in all the dictionaries referenced for this assignment and the entries and meanings are very consistent to each other. Even the so-called slang dictionaries acknowledge the original senses of the word before adding to our understanding of current usages of the word. 

To keep reading, please click here: Holy

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Your Mission is Right Where You Are

Sometimes we may think that Missionary work is far from our possibilities. After all, we may not be able to travel to faraway countries or able to speak exotic languages. However, the mission field is right here, right where you are.

Sometimes it just takes a new perspective on missionary work. I (Alex) am currently enrolled at IPFW trying to get a BA in English.  I thought that I could use my final projects to reach out.  I have been longing to share some of my projects with you. I hope you like them.

The first one is a project for my History of English Language aka HEL....

Time travelling with the Bible, a brief history of the English language

anguage changes, it always has, it always will. And, even though we are not always willing to accept this fact, we cannot avoid this chameleonic animal to keep evolving.
English is an ancient language with many centuries of history. The aim of this project is twofold: on one hand, to observe the evolution of the English language through Bible translation and, also to give an account of the changes observed in the frame of the History of the English Language.   

If you want to keep reading, please click here: Time Traveling with the Bible

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July 6th, part III, wild road trip!

Our field trip to Lyons was really exciting. But we were not really ready for what was to come. In Nancy's words, "Lyle turned sixteen again" and took us on a wild road trip to the hills of Lyons in which he used to sled as a kid.

Images are good, but nothing better than a video... enjoy!

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July 6th, part II, St. John's Lutheran Church

Well, July 6th was a long day. And after a very moving service in Pilger we headed to Lyons, Nebraska, Lyle's birthplace.


St. John's Lutheran  is a beautiful rural Church. The Church building was built at the turn of the century. And some graves in the graveyard date back to 1874!

Here are some pictures that Carlos took in Lyons.

Hey Lyle and Nancy! cut it off guys!

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July 6th, part I, Pilger, Nebraska

It has been a very intense summer quarter for all of us but, as everything else, it came to an end and with it, the beginning of our vacation. Summer is not summer without sunshine, and vacation is not vacation without Nancy Middendorf. We could not wait for it, but finally she arrived in Fort Wayne and took us all to Lincoln, Nebraska.

At this point I surely should mention that my dear little brother Carlos joined us in our trip to Nebraska. Yes! Carlos arrived in June from Barcelona with the goal of learning English. However, it is not easy to pick up English in a Spanish-speaking home. Carlos drove to Lincoln in Nancy's car so that he could be exposed to English during the long trip. Well, all I know is that two days after meeting Nancy, Carlos was speaking English for the first time.

We enjoyed very much our stay in Lincoln. We got to see a lot of good friends and we also visited beautiful places.I wanted to pause and tell you about one very special day: July 6th.On that day we visited the town of Pilger, Nebraska. June 16th 3/4 of the town of Pilger were completely wiped out by twin tornadoes. July 6th we were blessed to worship with our sisters and brothers under a tent at the parking lot of St. John's Pilger. After the service, we had the opportunity to talk to Rev. Terry Makelin and his lovely wife. I want to share with you their concerns and prayer request so that you too, can join us in prayer.

Rev. Makelin was concerned because he had not have the chance yet to communicate with all the member of his Church. He is in need of a pick-up van and asks for prayers so that he would have time to talk with his wife about all that has happened to them. After more than two weeks they had only had three hours to themselves!

Here are some pictures that Carlos took during our visit to Pilger.

The bell at St. John's was all that survived the twin tornadoes.

Ryan Soderlin / The World Herald
The twin tornadoes took the life of two people and destroyed the town almost completely. God is in Pilger now by the side of those who need Him; He was in Pilger the day we worshiped Him in July; He was there during the tornadoes. Horrible things happen in this world, but we have the certainty that God does never leave us alone.

"And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20

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Back in Town

Today we had the privilege to worship with our brothers and sisters at St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church in Logansport, Indiana.  It has been our second visit to our adoption church and Santi was able to do the readings of the Old Testament and the Epistle. We enjoy so much being at St James. Did you know that this is a centenary church? It was first organized Dec. 31st, 1848!! Today, one of the ladies told us that she had been attending St. James all her life: "This is home," she said. And we have to say that we too, feel at home when we visit.

We had the chance to talk for a few minutes to Pastor Dehning and he reminded us to keep our blog updated. It is so very true that we have neglected our blog for too long. I (Alex) am determined to tell you all about our summer and plans for the early future.

Thank Pastor Dehning and all the saints at  St.James for a warm welcome at  your beautiful church!

BTW: Did you know that Pastor Dehning is Principal Dehning's brother? Yes! Principal Dehning was our children's principal at Trinity Lutheran School when we lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is a small world full of friends and partners in Christ!

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Classes, classes, classes

At the Seminary, at IPFW, and at Concordia Lutheran School

This is a family of students, you already know that. I wanted to give you an update on our progress with our classes. First and foremost I wanted to let you know that by the Grace of God and the patience of Rev. Pulse, Santi has passed his two semesters of Hebrew!!! To God be the Glory! He admits that Hebrew was a hard bone. He had loved and enjoyed Greek so much that there seemed not to be space in his heart for any other language. The rest of his classes went really well, he enjoyed Homiletics I and Gospels II, and Greek readings. In June Santi also took a summer class, Dogmatics II. All in all, he is making great progress at the Seminary, enjoying his classes and his professors. We have had the chance to get to know some of them better and we give thanks to God for their friendship.

Can you guess what is this? Santi has assured me that these are the first five verses of the Bible! But beware, they have to be read from right to left!

As for our dear little ones, we are so very proud of them and extremely happy. Maria is about to start 6th grade, Santi will start 5th grade, and Salva is ready to get into pre-K this year.... I mean he is ready to get into 3rd grade :)  (Salva is our eternal baby, you know). We can healthily brag about Maria and Santi being in the Honors list this year. Concordia Lutheran School organizes a beautiful breakfast for the honor students and their families in which the teachers cook for them all. What a beautiful example of service! We were also very shocked and proud of our children when we came home with an Award for Educational Achievement signed by the President of the United States! Way to go kiddos!

As for me (Alex), I finished my spring semester at IPFW. This was an intense semester but I enjoyed it so very much. I took History of English Language, two Linguistics classes, and a Spanish Literature class (I was good in this one :)). One week after the spring semester ended, I started my summer classes. I took English Literature, a course in Christianity, and Ancient and Medieval History. These were the most intense 6 weeks ever! But everything went well. Lord willing I will be able to graduate in December with a BA in English with a concentration in language. To God be the Glory.

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